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If you’re looking for your first step to digitizing your business, start with one of eCOM’s B2B Solutions.

We’ve been solving cross-border supply chain challenges for decades. Our solutions range from EDI file transfers and to a complete portal that manages all aspects of your data interchanges.

We’ve helped governments and businesses streamline their processes and digitally enhanced their operations. No matter what part of the global supply chain you’re in, eCOM can help.


B2B Solutions

Our eCOM B2B Framework will help you establish your B2B management practices. We'll also help you streamline your business operations, giving you more control of your business and revenue.

Our Framework provides an improved and consolidated message tracking, visibility, and management. Whether your business is in retail, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, sourcing, and shipping, our B2B Framework is for you.


  • Speed up deployment, implementation, and improve ROI
  • Improve and consolidate message tracking
  • Visibility and management of messages

IBM Sterling Commerce and eCOM (Asia) entered into a partnership with Shanghai Wai Gao Qiao Group to build the top local China B2B/ EDI collaborative platform: IBM Sterling eCOM VAN. This solution is designed for enterprises to connect to IBM Sterling Commerce’s International Collaborative Network directly to trade with worldwide partners.

Our IBM Sterling eCOM VAN means you can expect:

  • Reduced repetitive data entry and problems associated with it
  • Improved inventory turnovers 
  • Enhanced supply chain visibility and efficiency
  • Increased resource productivity 

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Join Shanghai and other regions in China on this advanced, secure and reliable B2B/EDI collaborative platform.

eCOM’s partnership with IBM gives you access to automation tools to simplify complex decisions.

IBM® Sterling Order Management is a centralized hub to support omni-channel fulfillment. 


  • A single view of supply and demand across channels to provide improved inventory utilization and more accurate promise dates

  • Coordinated, customized fulfillment processes to support various selling channels and internal or external supplies

  • One source of order information to provide customers with accurate and timely information

  • Integrated order fulfillment processes across store, call center and online channels to provide a seamless customer fulfillment experience.

A consolidated centre of your entire file transfer environment with the power to respond quickly and efficiently to exceptions and changes in your environment.


IBM Sterling Control Center helps you:

  • Improve SLA performance with centralized exception management, notifications, rules, events, and reporting
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements via policy definition, auditing, and reporting
  • Simplify managing your file transfer network through central configuration management

IBM Sterling Control Center gives you a consolidated view of your entire file transfer environment.

Point-to-point file transfer software optimized for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among other enterprises.


With IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, you get:

  • Predictability - delivery is via automated scheduling, checkpoint restart, and automatic recovery/retry
  • Security - your customer information stays private, and your file transfers are auditable for regulatory compliance via a proprietary protocol, authorization, and  encryption (FIPS 140-2, and Common Criteria certified)
  • High Performance – easily manages your most demanding loads, from high volumes of small files to multi-gigabyte files.

If you depend on the reliable movement of files, from batch integration, to the movement of large images or catalogs, to the synchronization with remote locations, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is for you. It's available as licensed on-premise software.

IBM Sterling File Gateway consolidates disparate centres of file transfer activity and facilitates the secure exchange of file-based data over the internet.


  • A single, secure solution for “edge”-based file transfer. Handles large files and high volumes in any format, any protocol, and any number of external  connections
  • Onboarding Wizard and reusable templates expedites trading partner setup to accelerate time-to-revenue.
  • Enhanced security and risk management - secure protocols, encryption methods, certificate types, digital signatures, and identity management tools to ensure  data integrity. DMZ based security is available via IBM Secure Proxy.
  • Visibility and self-service for better management. Leads to better decision making, faster response, and more satisfied customers and business partners.

Our IBM Sterling B2B Integrator is the perfect solution to your B2B challenges. 


The Integrator solves your B2B integration needs by:

  • Boosting visibility into and across your supply and demand chains
  • Integrating communications between you and your partners' systems, regardless of their size, geography or choice of technology
  • Streamlining business processes across your enterprise
  • Connecting to all of your business partners, despite differences in size, geography or choice of technology.

Integrate your critical B2B processes, transactions, and relationships with our solution. Monitor and manage your processes and anywhere, at any time.


eCOM has been a pioneer in B2B technology for over twenty years. Our solutions digitally connect supply chain participants, making it faster and easier to trade globally. In addition to our B2B solutions, we provide the following services.


Our team of consultants have vast experience in supply chain, retail, logistics distribution, information technology and B2B domains. We have deployed B2B platforms for more than 1,000 enterprises and institutions in the Asia-Pacific.


Experience is critical when transforming your supply chain. Our proven implementation model uses industry best practice, to deliver your solutions in the quickest manner, with the highest quality.

Community Management

Our Community Management service helps you build up your business community. With this service, we help you enhance your supply chain visibility and improve your connection with trading partners.


Our team of highly skilled Customer Care Specialists delivers first-rate systems support to all our clients. We handle technical problems swiftly and effectively around the clock and around the world, providing on-site and localized support when needed.

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Outstanding Software

eCOM’s software is more than just technology to automate processes. It gives control back to the data owner, streamlines business processes and removes redundant processes. Customers have more faith in the business, and are more confident in our service because of eCOM.

Great Experience

Our partnership with eCOM has gone from strength to strength, and every time we engage with eCOM, it’s a great experience. I look forward to growing our relationship in a more strategic environment and working closer together in the future.

Smooth Sailing with eCOM

We are sincerely grateful for eCOM’s support for the 4th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue in Xiamen, China. The event went smoothly and featured in-depth and constructive discussions on the ASEAN Trade facilitation and APMEN, the progress and prospects of APMEN pilot projects as well as blockchain and supply chain information sharing.

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Our B2B Solutions are your starting point to digitally transforming your business. With our EDI technology and domain knowledge expertise, we can tailor the solutions according to your needs.

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