Our Partners

We believe that strong partnerships are key to digitizing global trade. We welcome innovators and together, we can power growth, efficiencies and profitability.

We currently partner with government and service providers and agencies to deliver a more streamlined and cost-effective international supply chain.

Your success is also ours. eCOM’s Partner Program provides you with the unique opportunity to enhance your network in China.


The eCOM Partner Program

Learn about how you can benefit from becoming a member of the eCOM Partner Program and enhance your digital transformation.


Partnering with eCOM gives you and your customers direct access into China’s trading market. We have decades of experience in delivering digital solutions for China trading partners. By partnering with eCOM, you’ll be working with world-class professionals who value:


A successful relationship is built on trust, and we believe in creating it with everyone, no matter if you’re our client, partner, or colleague


We have a wealth of industry and management skills and experience and are happy to share them to create successes for all.


It’s our duty to deliver the best outcomes for you and your clients, so that you can optimize your business and reduce operational costs.


Our people are driven to create digitally powerful solutions that make global trade more trusted and efficient.

What Our Partners Say

Outstanding Software

eCOM’s software is more than just technology to automate processes. It gives control back to the data owner, streamlines business processes and removes redundant processes. Customers have more faith in the business, and are more confident in our service because of eCOM.

Great Experience

Our partnership with eCOM has gone from strength to strength, and every time we engage with eCOM, it’s a great experience. I look forward to growing our relationship in a more strategic environment and working closer together in the future.

Smooth Sailing with eCOM

We are sincerely grateful for eCOM’s support for the 4th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue in Xiamen, China. The event went smoothly and featured in-depth and constructive discussions on the ASEAN Trade facilitation and APMEN, the progress and prospects of APMEN pilot projects as well as blockchain and supply chain information sharing.

Our Partners Include


We are continually seeking partners who bring a new way of thinking to global trade. Are you someone we could partner with?

We’d love to hear from you.