Global trade relies on many participants. Our digital transformation strategies are built on close relationships so we understand industry needs.

To ensure that global trade moves efficiently and securely, eCOM have developed a suite of digital solutions. Our solutions connect trade participants, systems and processes, to securely exchange critical trade data. 

We recognize that one size does not fit all, and our solutions have been designed in collaboration with industry sectors to meet the different needs of the global trade community.


Below are the industries that we are digitally transforming



There is fierce competition in e-commerce, and the volume of transactions is increasing. To address the demands whilst maintaining complex security requirements, eCOM is the best solution for you.


eCOM’s robust solutions deliver reliability, privacy and security to the airline industry. Manage all the moving parts such as maintenance, repair and operations

Financial Services

The banking sector relies on large quantities of data, images, and offline transactions. Our solution offers accurate, time-critical and secure data transmission


Our professional industry experts understand the needs of all the tiers of government. Our technology ensures that trade data flows effortlessly, is trusted and secure, and complies with government regulations.


The competitive landscape of this industry is driving innovation to differentiate. eCOM’s solutions improves customer service levels by offering a customer-centric approach to supply chain solutions.


It can be challenging to manage all the suppliers, cash-flow and inventory when there are disparate systems that don’t talk to each other. Get on top of it with real-time information when you need it.


he automotive industry is a large and complex supply chain. We can help automotive enterprises build purchaser-oriented procurement, logistics and information centres.


eCOM’s Digital Transformation model for the shipping industry helps drive efficiencies and productivity, whilst reducing costs at the same time.

What our industry clients are saying about eCom

Outstanding Software

eCOM’s software is more than just technology to automate processes. It gives control back to the data owner, streamlines business processes and removes redundant processes. Customers have more faith in the business, and are more confident in our service because of eCOM.

Great Experience

Our partnership with eCOM has gone from strength to strength, and every time we engage with eCOM, it’s a great experience. I look forward to growing our relationship in a more strategic environment and working closer together in the future.

Smooth Sailing with eCOM

We are sincerely grateful for eCOM’s support for the 4th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue in Xiamen, China. The event went smoothly and featured in-depth and constructive discussions on the ASEAN Trade facilitation and APMEN, the progress and prospects of APMEN pilot projects as well as blockchain and supply chain information sharing.

Industry Clients


Our digital transformation solutions are designed for all global trade participants.

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