Digital Transformation

The global trade industry suffers from inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. This is due to outdated processes, non-integration, and a lack of trust.

eCOM gives you opportunities to create efficient and secure operations. Share any or all your digital data whilst maintaining ownership.

How? Our Digital Transformation model integrates your business systems, processes and touch points. We tailor the model to suit your business and put you in control of your digital data.

Trade more efficiently, and trust that your data is secure, with eCOM.


eCOM can help your digital transformation journey. Regardless of your current setup, we’ve developed a phased approach that delivers results.

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Supply Chain Enablement

Supply Chain

eCOM has over twenty years’ experience in Managed File Transfers (MFT), EDI connectivity and other e-commerce technology. Start your digital transformation journey with us by applying one of our B2B solutions. Your supply chain becomes more efficient and your business is on the road to digitisation.

B2B Solutions

  • eCOM B2B Framework
  • IBM Sterling Order Management
  • IBM Sterling Direct:Connect
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM Sterling eCOM VAN
  • IBM Sterling Control Centre
  • IBM Sterling Gateway

API-Based Enterprise


For businesses that are further along their digital transformation journey, adopting an API-based model accelerates the transformation. eCOM’s proven approach unlocks your digital assets so that the data is reused, saving you time and money. 

Foundation Layer

Unlock your digital assets.

Process Layer

Create building blocks of processes.

Discover & Reuse

Make your data digitally consumable.



eCOM has been a pioneer in transformational technology for over twenty years. Our solutions digitally connect supply chain participants, making it faster and easier to trade globally. In addition to our IT solutions, we provide the following services.


Our team of consultants have vast experience in supply chain, retail, logistics distribution, information technology and B2B domains. We have deployed B2B platforms to hundreds of enterprises and institutions in the Asia-Pacific.


Experience is critical when transforming your supply chain. Our proven implementation model uses industry best practice, to deliver your solutions in the quickest manner, with the highest quality.

Community Management

Our Community Management service helps you build up your business community. With this service, we help you enhance your supply chain visibility and improve your connection with trading partners.


Our team of highly skilled Customer Care Specialists delivers first-rate systems support to all our clients. We handle technical problems swiftly and effectively around the clock and around the world, providing on-site and localized support when needed.

Our clients love Digital Transformation

Outstanding Software

eCOM’s software is more than just technology to automate processes. It gives control back to the data owner, streamlines business processes and removes redundant processes. Customers have more faith in the business, and are more confident in our service because of eCOM.

Great Experience

Our partnership with eCOM has gone from strength to strength, and every time we engage with eCOM, it’s a great experience. I look forward to growing our relationship in a more strategic environment and working closer together in the future.

Smooth Sailing with eCOM

We are sincerely grateful for eCOM’s support for the 4th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue in Xiamen, China. The event went smoothly and featured in-depth and constructive discussions on the ASEAN Trade facilitation and APMEN, the progress and prospects of APMEN pilot projects as well as blockchain and supply chain information sharing.

Digital Transformation Clients

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Digitally transforming your business requires a strong partnership with experts who are skilled in technology and change management.

Contact eCOM now to start the digital transformation conversation. We’ll take the journey with you.

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