API-Based Enterprise

Using our proven IT delivery model, transform your business into an API-Based Enterprise.

Discover how unlocking your digital assets for reuse allows you to Know Your Customer (KYC) and create a seamless omni-channel experience. Meet your customers’ needs, remain competitive and reduce operating costs all at the same time.

eCOM’s API-based IT model has helped many businesses meet digital challenges head-on.



The three layers of eCOM’s API-based operating model:

Foundation Layer

Starting with the essential back-end systems and databases where all your data is stored, unlock your digital assets into Foundation-APIs. Access becomes decentralised, creating greater efficiencies. Eg CRM, HR, ERP, WMS.

Process Layer

Then combine one or more Foundation-APIs to create Process-APIs, which model common business processes. These are the building blocks that can be reused across the business. Eg purchase order processing, Customer 360 (KYC).

Interface Layer

Finally, make it easy for any UI/UX developers to discover, self-serve, reuse, and consume your data with Interface-APIs through a variety of digital channels (web, mobile, IoT, etc).


An API-based IT delivery model approach is the best strategy to digitally transform your business to fulfil new demands and reduce the cost of doing business at the same time. 

As an API-Based Enterprise, you will:

Save time and money

With APIs you can reuse them over again, instead of rebuilding code from scratch each time.

Create certainty

Ever-changing demands are no longer an issue because APIs create predictability.

Free up your IT team

Empower business units with self-serve capabilities and access to information as they need it.

Our clients love the API-Based model

Outstanding Software

eCOM’s software is more than just technology to automate processes. It gives control back to the data owner, streamlines business processes and removes redundant processes. Customers have more faith in the business, and are more confident in our service because of eCOM.

Great Experience

Our partnership with eCOM has gone from strength to strength, and every time we engage with eCOM, it’s a great experience. I look forward to growing our relationship in a more strategic environment and working closer together in the future.

Smooth Sailing with eCOM

We are sincerely grateful for eCOM’s support for the 4th APMEN Public-Private Dialogue in Xiamen, China. The event went smoothly and featured in-depth and constructive discussions on the ASEAN Trade facilitation and APMEN, the progress and prospects of APMEN pilot projects as well as blockchain and supply chain information sharing.

API-Based Enterprise Clients

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