About Us

The eCOM Group is a leading provider of digital solutions that transforms complex international trade processes to create growth opportunities.

The eCOM Group is comprised of:

  • eCOM (Asia) Limited. (registered in 2007, Hong Kong SAR China)
  • IT Associates Corporation (Asia) Limited . (registered in 2007, Hong Kong
  • eCOM Information Technology (Australia) Pty Ltd. (registered in 2011,
    Melbourne Australia)


Our associated companies include:

  • IT Associates (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in April 2008, known as ITAS)
  • eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in May
    2008, known as eCOM);
  • ITAC (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (registered in July 2011, known as ITAC).

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We’ve been in the business of designing, developing and implementing IT solutions for global traders for over 20 years. Wondering how we can help your business remove inefficiencies and reduce costs?

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